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Japan, the birthplace of sumo, the country that any fan of this sport wants to visit. In September 2006 I went to watch the Aki Basho live. This is the story of my trip to the land of the rising sun.

Introduction - The journey begins - First contact with sumo - The show starts - The fight of the gods - Tourism across Tokyo - Komatsuryu dojo - Tomozuna beya  - Barbara and the typhoon - Senshuraku - Senshuraku party - Daishi - Feel the sumo


My last day in Tokyo was scheduled to be quiet. I had plans to move to Chiba to have lunch with my friend Arancha and to say goodbye. While I was in the train going there I received a phone call from Barbara asking me if I would like to attend a concert this afternoon, given by the former wrestler Daishi, who had recently retired from the world of sumo to begin in the world of song. I found the idea very appealing and I accepted gladly. The schedule also fit well with my last reunion with Arancha so when I went back to Tokyo I met Barbara and Katrina and we went to the venue where the concert was going to be performed. At the entrance we found Nishikido oyakata, former Sekiwake Mitoizumi, who also went to the concert with several recruits from his heya.

The show began with an interpretation of Jinku, a song typical of sumo, and was then followed with several traditional songs not only from Japan but also from other places like Korea and Hawaii. Undoubtedly it was a great climax to a fantastic trip, something quite unexpected but certainly leaving me with a good taste in my mouth. I would greet Daishi after the concert and congratulate him for its success. Later, I said goodbye to Barbara and Katrina. The trip was over and I still had to pack to return to Spain.

There is nothing more to say about the rest. After a one-hour journey by train to Narita Airport and after returning the mobile phone, I checked my luggage and then, I did my final shopping, more than anything to spend the last yen in my pocket. After that, a 12 hour flight to Paris and another two to Madrid. I stayed at my sister’s place again to sleep, and the next day, after a journey of nearly 4 hours by bus, I arrived in Leon.

My dream was fulfilled. I had gone to watch a complete sumo tournament and I did. I may probably never have the opportunity to do it again, but I want to return to Japan to travel around the rest of the country. And if I can coincide my return with a sumo tournament, I assure you that I will repeat that experience, even if for only one day.

Senshuraku party
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Leonishiki's Sumo Room

Feel the sumo