(proofreaded by Barbara Ann Klein)
Japan, the birthplace of sumo, the country that any fan of this sport wants to visit. In September 2006 I went to watch the Aki Basho live. This is the story of my trip to the land of the rising sun.

Introduction - The journey begins - First contact with sumo - The show starts - The fight of the gods - Tourism across Tokyo - Komatsuryu dojo - Tomozuna beya  - Barbara and the typhoon - Senshuraku - Senshuraku party - Daishi - Feel the sumo

Senshuraku party

Every heya has a party to celebrate the end of each tournament. I wanted to attend one of them and, thanks to my friendship with Harumi, I was able to go to Tomozuna Beya’s party, held in a hotel only one railway station from the Kokugikan. Harumi was waiting for me at the door and after recording my name in the list of guests and paying the cost (10,000 yen) of attending, I entered the room where the oyakata and the President of the Koenkai were beginning their speeches. Obviously I didn’t understand a single word of what they said, but I had enough after arriving late (typical Spanish) and had to go through the entire room before the eyes of all the Japanese who would surely be asking who that gaijin could be who the last one to arrive. I must acknowledge that I was at the Kokugikan until the final moment and that is why I was delayed a little longer than expected.

The party itself had nothing in particular; apart from a buffet in the middle of the room. The rikishi served chanko prepared by themselves in the heya, and several rikishi and members of the Koenkai jumped on stage to sing, undoubtedly one of the most favorite hobbies of  the Japanese. I had the chance to talk a bit with Brazilians Kainohama and Kaisei and to take some photos with them.  I also congratulated Ozeki Kaio for the heya’s success and I wished him all the best for the coming tournaments. Harumi obviously served as interpreter, because without her the conversation would have been impossible.

We were there barely two hours and then we went home. Senshuraku had finished and with it, all events related to sumo. Or at least that's what I thought.

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Leonishiki's Sumo Room